Godspeed You Black Emperor : Yanqui U.X.O.

i love this band


track four will give you crazy dreams.

Don’t listen if you don’t have time, the songs are 10-25 min long.

tru, deze guyz are AWESOME. I’ll probably post F#A#infinity soon 8)

excellent, and I own all of the albums as well as one A Silver Mount Zion cd

do you by any chance own any of the Silver Mount Zion cd’s? (its a Godspeed side project)

yeah I’ve heard about them, I don’t have any cds but my sister does. She lives in monreal tho, so I’ll ask her if she can send me some

great thanks

Undoubtably GY!BE’s best effort, even though they’re all good.

yeah its between this and lift your skinny fists… actually lift your skinny fists easily wins it for me

i’ll post that later