Goldbergz vz Diabelli

  • Goldbergz are betta
  • Diabelliz are betta
  • Both zheeyat

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In general, I don’t think t+v 88 compoz work.

Often the result is a composer showing off how “clever” he is, at the expense of dramatic impact.

Da :kan: FIZTIN is imo the most successful 88 compo in dis genre. 2nd place to papa Haydn’z F min.


Both a poo


I like the Beethoven C Minor Vars more than both.


Twuz quite interezting dat he apparently ‘dizowned’ dem. I view it az a maztapiece tru.

I wonder why zo many people rate da Diabelliz zo high…

tru it zhowz ingenuity and craft and amazing gensui but

Itz juzt not enjoyable az muzik fo da mozt part

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Goldbergs. I profoundly dislike the Diabelliz

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I think tiz inarguable dat da Goldberg theme iz da zuperiah theme.

But harzhly ma fav part ov da goldbergz iz da theme

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Rzewski’s Pueblo Unido for the win. Ludwig van’s WoO 80 is his best set. Though all sets pale in comparison to Mozart’s Ah vous var’s.

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I think you hit the nail on the head yourself. I rate them very highly as well, but as a compositional achievement as it were. I don’t enjoy listening to them very much either. Well, comparatively speaking at least.

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Randomly if I could steer someone towards a LvB set I think I’d go for Op.34 or Op.76. WoO 80 is great, but I’m a bit sick of them.

Love op34, find 76 a bit bland and clunky.

I felt that way too about WoO80 but then when the Horowitz stereo recs came out it got me back into them.


Goldberg for sure

Brendull cunzidahz da Diabeticz da greatezt 88 work eva written

Zpeakz volumez about him n hiz playin :sunglasses:

There’s always that slider between entertainment and intellectuality isn’t there. I don’t think the Diabellis are the greatest work written in that sense either, but way off to the right I do understand his position. They’re hugely nifty, creative and intelligently conceived - and pretty humorous if you think about it - but the :point_up::grin: part sort of wears off when you’ve heard them a couple of times and there’s not much of a listening experience left with music that constructed.

Again, comparatively speaking, I really don’t mind them - it’s just a rare way for me to spend my time. This thread has made me want to hear them again however. :slight_smile:

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They are a 50 minute inveztment.

50 minutez could be zpent many otha wayz…

Lyk liztenin to da WIM play fur elize thro once :sunglasses:


Incidentally thinking about this makes the DWK seem so much greater. I think they’re by and large the same category of music as the Diabellis, only instead of Beethoven’s humorous angle they have this profound, fundamental musicality to them instead. That’d be hard to pull off from Anton’s little waltz though. :yum:

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An intereztin zheeyat to cunzidah iz -

Which t+v piece haf da BEZT theme cumpared to havin weakah varz

alzo which t+v piece haf da Worzt theme and cumparitively WIKID varz

Worst theme and WIKID vars sounds like something from Beethoven

BEZT theme and weakest vars probably from the 4th rate composers of his time. Did Mereaux ever write variations?

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