good harmony book recommendations?

I’d like something that’s pretty comprehensive but still detailed. I’m also interested in atonal and polytonal theory, even though I haven’t listened to that sort of music much. thanks in advance!

schoenberg harmonielehre?

yes I’m reading this but I thought it didn’t have anything specifically on serialism and polytonality?

also does anyone know a good text on form? I wanna read as much as I can before I start work in early feb.

ah yeh, kinda missed the atonality thing.

How about dis … 0300021208

It’s hilarious - you type atonal into google and get a ‘did you mean tonal?’

Allan Forte is a pain in the azz to read. The best book on polytonal and atonal harmony is: … 393095398/

thank you

allen forte is really only useful to theorists and composers i think… schoenberg’s book is very long winded and strange at times. i recommend Hindemith and Piston, and Forte’s tonal music book is not bad

Yeah Shoenberg isn’t the easiest read; there’s lots of philosophy in there but I like how he derives everything from “first principles” as it were. Piston I read a bit of a couple of years ago and I liked it except he notates everything in upper case roman numerals which doesn’t appear to be the norm? Actually I’m reading his orchestration book atm and have found it very interesting. I’ll look into Hindemith.

Randomly, how do people get taught form these days? I’m interested in this too but haven’t been able to find any books. I know the basics of sonata form but that’s about it. A google search asked if I meant classical music forum. :comme:

We use this one for post-tonal music: … 0131898906