Grand Galop Chromatique

Diz piece iz obviously pwned by da ziff…

But iz dere any otha penisz who comes at least close to ziff?

i randomly lyk da BULLETHEAD interp 8)

da Hog

haahha da bezt interpz iz when da peniz dun try to OUTZIFF da ZIFF, cuz tiz impozzible, lyk da greg zayz, da BULLET cummah wiz hiz unique interp

Earl Wild (not sure if that’s the Bullethead) has done it - some people like it coz it’s controlled - I found it rather boring. :ziff: rules this piece.

ha,Cziffra is the best

cziffra cheats a little, he doesn’t play some of tjhe double notes, and he simplifies the leaps section. But hell, he plays it 300004545454545,232323,223424 times faster than anyone ever will :ziff: :ziff:

:ziff: is da king of da :pimp: chromatic galop.

I remember arguing about the leaps on pf, what he does sounds better, I am 100% sure he could play it no worries.
Aside from da many ziff recs, da HOG iz da next best, and sometimes I actually prefer him as it is less exaggerated. Tru, da BULLET iz also wikid if typically slow.

Is da bullet Jorge Bolet?


whos da hog? not horowitz

itz fiorentino.

-da Meph

I wanna hear Liszt’s original.