Grande Fantasie de Bravoure sur la Clochette de Paganini

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hahaha lykly a bit of a zong of zheeyat but vil alwayz be a clazzic to mahzelf :icon_stopw_sdc_473:


rezpec diz legend!

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haha try tiz amazin dat da :pimp: wrote diz at 21 daim!

hiz work peaked in difficulty , den he zpent da rezt ov hiz lyf zimplifyin zheeyatz :sunglasses:


hahaha i may not be zheeyatin correctly but liztenin now zeemz thiz had zum influenza on tha DOC campy maybe? :doc:


tru n alzo on da ZEPP LH campy from circa 2004 :sunglasses:



Ahaha da chocolate fant pozz sumwut ovahwritten but still amusing

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aahahahah juzt liztnd to tha whole zheeyat rezpec to tha LINNMITLEZZ fo thiz live perf :icon_stopw_sdc_473: :pimp:

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Ahahahah da long lozt midi of diz iz lyk

da holy grail of da 88 world :sunglasses:


Here be da zepp fair krittique of diz PIMP “klazzik”:

zumwut average raw etude harzhly derailed by da PIMP obzezzion wiz inzanely zheeyat-zoundin maj key varz on da campy theme

Thuz da ovahall laztin imprezzion left on da audience ain’t one of gensui virtuozity but rathah

profound gheynezz :sunglasses:


Do Liszt ever perform this turd?

I change my mind for is is S.420 possibly intended to be listed to whilst high.

Will experiment later


rezpec da fatty’s dedickation to zcientific rigor

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Haha dere’z def a sex joke in dat title sumwhere.

Hmmmmmm pozz Pag’z clochette = Pag’z clit but a bit too eazy. Gotta dig deepah :dong:

Warm fantasie de clochette?

I recall reading somewhere that people were pretty disappointed with Liszt’s premier of this thing.

Most versions are way too slow for my taste. Fiorentino’s recording sounds edited.

Ogdon has the technique down but he seems to be banging his way around it. Pasini’s is somewhat more musical but too restrained.

I’ve read countless times that Liszt “copied” Paganini’s techniques onto the piano. Is this really true? Traces of “Paganini-like” devices are already found in his La Tyrolenne (?) Fantasy which was probably his first “virtuoso” composition and at that time he hadn’t yet heard Paganini play.

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