great penises of the 20th century

dis chick did a presentation on great penises of the 20th century today in a piano pedagogy class i’m taking

why the fuck did they give brendull 3 discs, or even 1 for that matter. i threw those fuckers out.

upside was she showed da utube vid of :rectum: 's 10/4

tha TURNIP iz tha only HO ztudent who didnt git a great penizez dizc i think :ho:

hhhhshahahahaha da :ho: ztudentz!!

eventually :doc: ztudentz lykly happen :dong:

hilariouzly I bought those brendull discz (at a clearance sale). Dey gave him 3 because Deacon loves him and brendull iz a phillips artist so dey didn’t need to license the recz.

i dont mind having 5 volumns alone for Maestro Brendel.