which great pianist would you be most scared of if you were dating his daughter?

who might actually kill you if you cross the line

and randomly:

iirc da rock’s daughterz were mingahz so dey iz out. Frankly I wouldn’t be scared of anyone iz dey daughter woz hot enuff.

i’m not talking about if they were hot enough…or even if they actually have daughters…just the scariness of not getting her back by 9.

what’s there to be scared of?



da doc size.

mildly respectable


haha daim

doctah’s borders are fucked, disrespec fo mspaint :frowning:

i guess it may be a difference between you and me.
my girlfriends’ parents seldom see me as the right choice.

I’d be most scared of dis mofo’s WIFE (see Rob’s avatar)

bahaha da segovia can suck mah nutz, he was quite a shitty playa if i say so myself

His Scriabin 16/4 is achingly beatiful on guitar though :slight_smile:

hahaha u mofo

i know that it’s hard to hear how great he was when you’re just a shit-eating punk from the boonies, but trust me kid, you’ll one day grow some hair on your balls, experience some culture, maybe get laid, or least rammed up the ass by uncle phil, and maybe you’ll then start to appreciate segovia.

i respec segovia for wat he did for the classical guitar, i dont dont much respect his playing. there are many better guitarist out there, try david russell, the assad duo, or pretty much any of the GFA competition winners.

uhmm in case u didnt notice im more of a classical guitarist than pianist.
do u play by any chance?

haha da rock, randomly he wuz a huge man.

And his fuckin huge handz have stranglin pozzibilitiez

:rock: : touch her n ur dead fuckah


i wanna date cortotz daughta :rectum:

Haha man how do you play well with those nails then :lib:

Frankly, I don’t see how it matters whether or not he plays. Just because you play guitar doesn’t make your opinion any better than his. Itz like some dumbass piano student dissing Horowitz. The fact that he playz piano doesn’t make him any less of a dumbass. :ho: