Great Pianists of the 20th Century

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Seven artists (Arrau, Brendel, Gilels, Horowitz, Kempff, Richter and Rubinstein) are featured across three sets.

Hahah mannn da Brendull ztill a bit :whale:

Perceptive pianophiles have pointed out various errors in the set, including misattributed recordings and use of unauthorized takes. For example, the Paderewski volume contains a performance of Liszt’s “La Leggierezza” which was actually recorded by Benno Moiseiwitsch – also included in the latter’s volume.

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The biggest frustration for me with this set, especially given its release era, is the missed opportunity to issue rare recordings or those that were held up due to licensing issues. Since this was a collaborative effort between the labels, they could have issued the Horowitz/Szell Tchaikovsky PC1, which was held up (among the reasons) because at the time Horowitz was with RCA and Szell with Columbia. Granted there was some cool rare stuff scattered here and there, but the model they should have used was what they did the the Great Conductors’ collection, which was mostly rare and interesting stuff. Another frustration was that when presented with duplicate recordings by an artist, most of the time the producers selected Universal/Polygram label stuff even if it was inferior, presumably to save money. For example, Serkin had a bunch of his late DG stuff issued here instead of the earlier, superior Columbia recordings.

The other gripes about selection of artists, or a few errors here and there, are legitimate but not that big of a deal.

In fact, maybe the best thing about the set was the error in Cortot I, where they had mistakenly issued his unreleased late Schumann recordings.


Now since we have been one fifth into the 21th century (wow how time flies!), I am wondering if there will be another 100 volumes of GP of the 21C, any of the living pianists who were too young to be included into the previous series might have one seat in the next project?

33 vols each of :dong:, triff, wang, and 1 of Brendel.


This lady’s complete Beethoven sons set likely as well…

There should be one volume devoted to Tiffany Poon as well, a 24 hour long vlog.


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Dey haff planned a double volume set fo da tru revolutionary :wim: but unfortunately dis now of necezzity expanding to 4 CDz.


Howevah, dey will make up space with da cumplete :nigga:zonz by da :zepp:, a double CD sheeyat.


Hatto? :lib:

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Every volume in the series is Hatto.