Great recordings of the Brahms 3rd Sonata

I love this piece (played it in recital a few years back) but I find there are only about 5 recordings of it that I ever listen to. These are:

Annie Fischer
Freire (I have about 10 by him)
Sokolov (I have 4 or 5 by him too)
Rubinstein (2 recs, both lovely)

Plus, now Solomon is one of my favourites.

Are there any recs that you know of that are worth listening to? Or do I have it pretty much covered?

kissin and zimerman also play that.


Genie’z iz ok, but pozz hiz perzonal bezt output in recent yearz

ma fav iz ztill Sokolov/Freire/Solomon

Thibaudet’s going to play it live pretty soon, never heard anything from him so maybe it will be interesting…?

I like Katchen, will have a look at Solomon, for I love his Beethoven.

Thibaudet’s playing is always a bit too cold and calculating to my taste.
I wouldn’t know about his Brahms

daim can u zecrelty PM tha fizhcah>>??? 8) :rectum:

aftah her brotha zonz iz iz lyk her numba 1 fan :gav:

n tru i haff tha FRIAH gp20thc rec which iz an inzpiration fo mah lyf 8)

I think the Freire GP rec is his weakest one.

I’ll post the Annie Fischer and a better Freire Brahms Sonata for you.

Anti Siirala?

Katchen’s live performance, Annie Fischer, and Curzon for me. Kapell also played this in Carnegie (still searching for that elusive recording).


wow Kapell’s Brahms 3rd would RULLLE

i somehow own bronfman’s recording, which i think i’ve never listened to, though it’s been on my cd rack for about 10 years. if anybody likes his playing i’ll ul.