Great Schumann Fantasiestuecke op 12??

What are your favorite interpretations? Either I don’t like the work or I haven’t yet found mine…

Le Sage. Also Moiseiwitsch for Das Abends and Warum. Leon Macawley is also a bit interesting in this one I think.

Thanks! I have heard good things about Le Sage in general, have to check him out. Also Moiseiwitsch. Don’t know MacCawleys so far, I’m quite curious.

my fav is a live version from Emanual Ax. I love this piece btw, always keen for new recordings.

Is that version on CD? I could only find what is apparently a studio version by Ax: … _id=226713

Oh now I know which one you probably mean (the live from Aug 2009). I do have that one. That’s really lovely - listening now… 'Thanks for reminding me of this!

Richter on DG is excellent, though incomplete. I also like Moiseiwitsch, Rubinstein, Virsaladze and Yudina. Argerich and Perahia are ok.

Good you mention Virssaladze – I didn’t know it existed. There are two recordings from Yudina – I remember really enjoying one of them (can’t remember which !)

I have Rubinstein’s but I’ve never enjoyed it. The Perahia is an early recording, made when he was still a hippy, and as you say, it’s not bad.

We all seem to like Moseiewitch – I have high hopes of the Virssaladze. Sometimes Moiseiwitsch is a bit too slick and polished for me. Virssaladze found just the right style in Waldszenen: maybe she does so here too.

I may have a bootleg of Ranki doing it on my hard drive – he played a lot of Schumann last year and I’ve not listened to some of the stuff people sent me yet. If so it could be just amazing – he’s at the top of his game right now I think, and the Schumann I have heard (a glorious Humareske, for example) was phenomenal.

Thanks! I’ll try those.

I’d be interested to know what you think of the Ranki, if you have it.

Mandryka, would you perhaps upload some highlights from your Ranki bootlegs (e.g. the Schumann Humoreske?) I’m very interested in Ranki, and there are only few recordings…

Sure. Here’s the Humoreske, which is from a concert in Budapest last year

There was no Fantasiestuke. From Schumann, there is a selection from Album for the Young, Kinderszenen and the Fantasie, and the Humoreske. I’ve only listened to the Album for the Young and the Humoreske and I like both.

Thanks very much, Mandryka. Can’t wait to listen to this.

The Humoreske is terrific IMO! Thanks!! Can I download the file from this site or is it for listening only?

If you are still looking, you might try these:

Bianconi is not best known for his SDC-like qualities - probably because his core repertoire is of another kind - but there is not really much fury to unleash in a piece like “Warum?” or in the “Gesaenge der Fruehe” (which are also well worth watching, while you are about it).

Thanks very much. Just listening. Very impressed. He did not record it on CD, though? (At least I could not find it, though he did record a few Schumann works).

He hasn’t recorded very much at all; those Schumann recordings go back about fifteen years. But he is much better in the concert hall anyway, I think, even a video is no substitute.

Rubinstein played it at the “last concert” very poetical, though his earlier version is not so good.
Egon Petri - 1960 (live) for me is the best forever! (Music & Arts 4 CD-set)
Severin Eisenberger - 1937 October 23, live for “Des Abends” & “Aufschwung” (on OPAL CD). His Chopin Piano concerto No. 2 is also a wonder. (Not to mention his Schubert-Liszt Soirée de Vienne No. 6)