Great website (technique)

I just found this and I’m quite impressed.

The TO advice is really helpling my scales.

iz diz more of da changah?

hahaha tiz da changah but betta lookin zite

Randomly it was only when I ditched TO that my scales started to work.

No kidding…

something is extremely aweful about my left hand thumb…

Tt makes me wonder if I had brain damage in the region that controls my LH thumb on some drunken night in late highschool.

Chang is full of it, imo. Some helpful things though, but he’s also a bit of bullshit. Most standard things though, if you don’t have a teacher this probably works best to turn you into one of those most average students playing the most average pieces.

Haven’t looked at it for over 5 years though, so I might change my opinion if I read it again, but I really don’t feel like it 8).

For me, I’ve always thought a mix of TO and TU works best, choose the golden middle path, tru


I checked out this site and found alot of this stuff really interesting-particularly what he says about TO and ‘mental play’.

I have to agree with you, Anima, on the subject of TO/TU. It’s not good to make a big distinction between the two-better to modify the approach depending on the speed and need for legato. Obviously something really slow and legato needs a good TU connection, just as something thats gotta go FAST the TU connection becomes less noticeable. If something goes close to gliss speed there can be no TU connection whatsoever.

Some of what he says I wasn’t so convinced on…

What do you guys think about forarm rotation on trills and tremolo??
I find I get better results with a quiet forarm and minimal/no rotation at all.
He says there has to be two components-fingers AND forearm rotation.
Maybe that’s the more mainstream approach… I find rotation just slows my trills down and makes them sound clumsy.

Who IS this guy anyway?

I think that rotation is key for long trills, or trills with the thumb.

However, I do not use forearm for short trills. I guess it is a matter of taste/individuality.

hmm. I don’t have any trouble with long trills and I find forearm rotation doesn’t help. I know alot of great pianists who disagree.