Greatest piano vid candidate cziffra dohanyi cappric

Shit yo pants… think this is new to tube!

LOL; Mombeek. I hope the INA goes after him.

What is the INA?

(Crazy video btw!)

It almost sounds like a Cziffra improv; his personality is so strong it just completely overpowers Dohnanyi.

institut-national-audiovisue … heque.html

Mombeek is such a pretentious cunt.

Did cziffra study with Dohanyi? or is that some conflation I read…

Cannons and Flowers says he auditioned with Dohnanyi for :pimp: academy, but that the advanced classes were run by Istvan Thoman.

Why is Koji thanked in the comments? Did he steal the vid from you?

never heard that piece before, cool.

Ah copyright hehe. Thanks.

damn I missed it