Greatezt unda-40 penizt (poll)

No, those require some elegance and not some crass atrocious body contortions followed by low volume pounding.

If Da :dong: burst on the scene a decade later, he would not take off.

A “show piece” is a misnomer anyway, it implies it may not be a worthwhile composition (to be fair, the Horowitz mangled version of the Liszt Rhapsody 2 in da :dong: rep, is a subpar composition)

You can’t use Lang Lang and golden age in the same sentence.

Yeah, I should’ve said “miniature character pieces.” The thing is, if he makes those pieces popular, better pianists will start playing those pieces.

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Why does nobody play borodin?

#unrelated comment

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I’m not sure if classical music needs to be promoted by catering to the lowest common denominator.

Occasionally Lang Lang produces some interesting perfs like the Prok Son 7 and Prok Concerto 3.


Its not top tier but is lovely. Petit Suite I’m thinking

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Yeah I thought of that one too!

Then again, imho Rach concertos are not first rate music but those get programmed the most.

Idk, didn’t we say the classical music needs to be less elitist? Remember that youtube channel that did fugues using pop music as subjects? I think more pianists should do that as encores.


Perfect Album nobody would ever buy

Borodin Petit Suite / Balakirev Sonata

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Less elitist, as in, inspiring people to raise themselves up to intake good art, instead of conditioning them to shitty “accessible” sound bites.

Big difference imho.

Gotta start training these kids early on.

plate has entered the chat

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And the Islamey.

Buy 20k views on the Islamey shot from 3 angles, switching views every 10 seconds, and pimp the rest of the album on Reddit.

Preferably include a sob story.

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My sex toy gave me foot cancer.

This algorithm bait surely successful


I last played this suite before my gender change and living homeless on the street after 3 degrees from Juilliard. I decided to stop being such an easy target for floppy old senile dongs and became a strong lesbian woman. Recorded on a beautiful Steinway on the Juilliard Tianjin campus, so nice that China is decades ahead of the west.


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Hmm I wouldn’t assume your own future gender. Without direct confirmation from your future self, its presumptive and inappropriate.




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Ahahaha you do know da ORAGEMOFO playz da balakzon!


“I broke mah :dong: jerking off to :lola: vidz and had to tranzition to a lezbo”


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haha da camenbert chart :cheese:



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