Greatezt unda-40 penizt (poll)

  • Seong-Jin Cho
  • Li Yundi
  • Lang Lang
  • Yuja Wang
  • Igor Levit
  • Benjamin Grosvenor
  • Daniil Trifonov
  • Khatia Buniatishvili
  • Alice Sara Ott
  • Jan Lisiecki

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Pick yo 2/3 favz

:lola: :sunglasses:

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Alzo where da poon

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Randomly choze to zample da pie chart feature in da poll

givin da :bar: a break

n treatin him to a :pie:

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I choze to make diz a zeriouz poll wiz no CG optionz :sunglasses:

diz iz y i include da :dong:

I’m not entirely joking about :lola: though.

I legit like her big, well-rounded, projecting

hmmm tone :peach:

hahaha FUCK ma eyez haf been raped by diz pie chart

all da colourz far too zimilar n zhadez ov blue :whale:


Where is Fei Fei Fei Ding Dong

Horse faced kapshitzky lapdog tranny

Da CIM undah 40 iirc :slight_smile: , legendary rep :sunglasses:

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mofos dat I really enjoyed, dat are not on dis (overhyped) penist list:

Denis Kozhukhin
Alexander Gavrylyuk
Alexei Grynyuk (not sure if he is under 40)
Dinara Klinton
Claire Huangci
Sofya Gulyak (41, close enuff)
Alexej Gorlatch

da list goes on and on… I really heard a ton of mofos in NYC and enjoyed da playing of some of my classmates.

Hell, Paul Wee is better than most of these overhyped fags.


Hahaha daim I juz realized u can c who iz reprezented in da pie chart when u hovah yo mouze ova a zlice :pie:

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Beatrice Rana
Yuja Wang
David Fray
Andrei Korobeinikov
Evgeni Bozhanov


Wait people voted for Yundi?

This an old thread :sunglasses:



The colors confused me.

What is this Russia? There’s only one blue where I come from!

#language joke

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Haha wtf I legit thought half thoze mofoz were at leazt 45


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Lang Lang - best showman :dong:


I can’t take his “piano playing” seriously, but da Mofo has insane raw potential despite often playing like an idiot-savant clown.

The showmanship seems to be what modern uncultured audiences often expect.

Tru! Lang Lang should just play trannies and golden age show pieces.

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