Grieg Notturno

Oh whoops I’m stupid, his wife’s name is Noriko Kawai… my memory is failing, it’s the soju

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da scherzo cummah


damn this playing very colorful!

Seriously wikid playing!

Lovely tone.

Eh…wut iz “soju”?


ok the set is complete! this link is for the whole thing as a playlist
But the last video was this first one of the set, “Shepherd’s Boy”. Interpretively it’s the only performance of the set I’m not totally happy with, but that’s how the performance came out, so oh well!

Thanks for digging on this :sunglasses:

I know Soju only from dis wikid song :whale:

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haha daim… he’s singing about that convenience store soju that’s like 1 euro a bottle and made of pure ethanol… shit’s horrible

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