Grieg Notturno

A little lyric piece I used to play a lot - digging through old recs…
Too sl*w for dasdc, but thought I’d share anyways :sunglasses:


Fantastic! Very lyrical. Beautiful singing line. Got anything else?

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You mean new stuff? I have lots of recital recordings from the last few years but it’s mostly contemporary music… I’m digging through some older stuff which has little gems like the Lyric Pieces…

If I come across anything else decent, I’ll post it too! :slight_smile:

Grieg Notturno sounds like another one of Mitt Romney’s fake twitter names.


Love this piece! Awesome playing!!


thanks everyone -
i’m gonna try to dig up some more decent takes from when I used to play tons of Grieg, and maybe do little YouTube uploads this week

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It’s a beautiful piece. Tru, post more recs, dude.
You still in Korea?

Thanks a lot. Yeah, I have a job here and got married last year – and of course now the academic job market in Europe and North America is completely hamstrung and institutions are going under everywhere (or will be soon, judging from what I’m hearing)… so I’m just lucky to be able to pay the bills and still give concerts sometimes. Mostly contemporary music these days though, with some rare exceptions, so it’s nice to revisit music like Grieg when digging through older recs

I think the whole set of Grieg op.54 I played (from which this recording comes) in 2017 has some decent moments, so I’ll probably slowly upload the whole set over the next week or so. I’ve already got another video that will come out on YouTube tomorrow (the Troll March) and tues (the Gangar)

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I’m not very familiar with the set but this is lovely!

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i’ll continue the set in a new thread just to get some action in this part of dasdc :sunglasses:


changing my mind – I guess I’ll continue to post the vids here and keep things more compact


HAHAHA da troll march WIKID diminutive fury

Cuntzidah perfin it az part of a zet called


  1. Mini troll
  2. Elfin dance
  3. Troll march

:ghost: :sunglasses:


this forum already has something of a troll theme tru :sunglasses:


continuing - i’ll copy paste my lil fb post too, this piece is really one of the finest

Today’s bite-sized morsel from a bite-sized composer: Grieg at his most sublime - Grieg the impressionist.
To me, certainly one of the most moving pieces in Grieg’s whole output (that final cadence is kissed by God). And, as usual, an opportunity for a tonal composer to play with the limits of functional major-minor tonality by doing something composers are still interested in doing up to this day: imitating bells.

Wikid playin mofo!

haf u zampled Wilhelm Peterson-Berger’z Frösöblomster?

Check out #7. I skymningen (Szürkületkor)@ 17:56

Comparable to da quality ov da Grieg troll piecez imo

I’ve never heard of this but wow, that’s James Dillon’s wife!? haha…
I mainly know Ogawa as the pianist who records all his piano music, which I generally really like… so will have to give this a good listen :sunglasses: