Grigory Ginzburg VIDEO FOOTAGE!

Both from Moscow, 1952. I spoke to many people about Ginzburg before, and they assured me that no video survived. They were wrong!

Lets hope some Tatum more turns up just like this :slight_smile: There are rumors of a 45min film of a solo concert by Tatum ca. late 40’s. Holy fuck!

yeah I just found this yesterday. Even though it’s rep that I couldn’t care less about and it’s pitched sharp, it’s amazing just because it’s Ginzburg.

Yeah, these are from a Japanese DVD. I thought about ordering it, but it has little else on it that I’m interested in.

This guy has posted a real treasure - Goldenweiser, Oborin, both Neuhauses, definitely his whole collection ios worth exploring.

Ughh. Was so disappointed with the Goldenweiser videos. Wh

The H. Neuhaus Scriabin is beautiful.

anyone else heard about that Tatum 1940’s video? Damn, imagine a whole concert preserved on tape. If one digs through those reels, I am sure plenty more Tatum will be uncovered. Maybe there some more from the Spike Jones Show performances (aired on 17 April 1954 ).

Those are all from that same DREAMLIFE DVD from Japan.

There are a few others in the series: One with Vedernikov playing Bach, Debussy etc, another with Yakov Zak playing Liszt Concerto 2 and Beethoven Concerto 3. Plus there might be a Stan Neuhaus full recital dvd, iirc.

I’m buying the Zak and Vedernikov ones. I could care less about Neuhaus.

I assumed you mean Stan Neuhaus - Daddy’s another story.

I assumed they were from the same vid - most of them are in the same hall on the same piano.

Goldenwieser is about 300 in this vid, isn’t he? I wouldn’t expect too much, but I’m always glad to see historical film coming out, even if it’s Phillipe Entremont.

Someone just put up Gutierrez last night, which was interesting, although really mechanical playing. I wish someone would find and post Gary Graffman, who’s the only on of the American pianists from the postwar period I haven’t seen. I’d be curious to see how he got that huge sound.


Apparently Gutierrez was on the Tonight show like 20 years ago playing Liszt etude no. 10. I sure hope someone out there has footage of that.

is gutierrez supposed to be noteworthy? i saw him in San Francisco playing a mozart concerto which was bland in the extreme, although not as bland as richard goode

The Moszkowski was really lacking in finesse.

Gutierrez has done some incredible things. I love his Prokofiev 2nd, Rach 2nd and 3rd. Also I have a bunch of his recitals from the 70s and they’re pretty great.

I’ll post the live Prok 2 some day, it’s a bit nuts.