Grizzley Bear - Yellow House

These guys are unique, and kind of like my new pink floyd. Listen enough through the cd and you should understand exactly what I’m talking about. … 98d99da779

been meaning to check these guys out. danke.

No prob TS

wow, surprised no one’s checking out the others

It’s all stuff I have never heard of. But tru, respect. I’ll give it a shot.

Tru, I saw these guys open for Radiohead in Montreal. Didn’t think they were that great, but the sound was really bad (for the opening act only, of course :smiley:) so I couldn’t really hear properly. I’ll give this a try.

haha daim 4 yearz lattah, i can say dis album iz FUCKIN GENSUI.

juzt one of mah fav bands evah tru 8)

rezpec :smiley:

1 year lata, I agree!