gud brainfuck gamez

pianiztz haff obviuzly mo powerful brain :tm:

a zimple n popular brain game

Press A (position match) if the POSITION of the blue square is the SAME as it was 2 trials back (i.e., the square appears in the same position as it did two trials ago).

Press L (letter match) if the LETTER you hear is the SAME it was 2 trials back (i.e., you hear the same letter as you did two trials ago).

try it n tell zcore :doc:

if u know zum legendary brain gamez pozt dem :comme:

i predickt a CATZ entry into thiz topic :lib:

not a game, but nice eartezt:

very simple, press up if the second tone is higher, press down if the second tone is lower.

rezpec to all who can get to the undefined pitches (next level aftah 0,046875Hz).

I think we made the tonedeaf tezt wiz da rob (in which he wuz a bit zheeyat 8) )

hahahaha tru that unpredicktabl pitch fail :gav:

zchoold by tha MART if i zheeyat correctly

ahahaha tru diz a bit legendary 8)


no wait i take that back, lvl 5 now

got to level 15 then i was fed up. I think i died 100 times on level 10.

great game :dong:

I couldn’t get past level 6, even with my years of experience with danmaku shooters. :whale: