(Just an excuse to make you listen, so much music, so lil :stop: )

Sounds like Wagner or Berlioz. Though, looking at the composer tag that you forgot to erase, it seems like it’s Wagner.

Not sure what it is, Lohengrin maybe? I really don’t know Wagner’s music at all.

WHAAAT I thought I erased every info… ok well IT IZ WAGNER!! 8)

cg :whale:


hint: not an opera , composed for a ruler of some kind

give up alredy? :frowning:

haha if it aint tranzd fo da 88 den tiz unlykly ve vil get it

nah just unlikely that youll get it cause all you listen to is piano music. i know that a lot of members here listen to non-piano stuff, and i do too, so we should have a chance.

hmm, its something in e flat major. i can only guess that its his overture in e flat major. this cant be one of his more performed works.

haha untru i liztn 2 mo variety ov genrez den moz peniztz…juz zayin dat moz mofoz knowledge here iz limited MOZLY to 88 rep

check da non88 zecz n u can c tiz a minority

Wagner -Huldingungsmarsch ( procession march or somesheeyat? )

I dont listen to a lot of non-88 stuff, but Wagner iz worth it 8), and I rly like vocal writing, alllll of it…
And now, did you like it ? :blush:

this piece is much lighter than “real” wagner. its also much shorter. i’m used to hearing wagner that takes longer to develop instead of a 5 minute piece. that being said, i enjoy his operas, especially the later ones like tristan and the classic ring cycle.

for me Parsifal is unmatched