Guess the composer!

First up: … IISD4O68EX

trick question, pozzibly? 8)

the topic is “guess the composer”, not “lurk in the topic and leave because you’re too scared of guessing wrong”. :confused:

sounds like bach but more sheeyat.

definitely depuzzy

For organ?

Wuz tha instrument changed?

haha i was kidding lol

:blush: da humiliation.

No, and no. Keep guessing.

I know at least one member who should get this.

Da Mozart? :unamused:

WRONG. Keep guessing. Mozart is slightly closer than Bach. :slight_smile:

Soundz too thick for da Zart.

Can ve get a hint?

EDIT: nvm

da Haydn?

It’s mid-19th century.

Here was the first clue: … UH7YPWA51C

Second clue, where the chorus theme re-enters at the end: … C494URKG80

:pimp: ?

Warmer…but WRONG. :angry:



ah… tis a guess but da :kan: ?


It is the great “Impromptu sur un Choral de Luther” opus 69 for pédalier or 3 piano hands by Charles-Valentin Alkan performed by Kevin Bowyer on organ.

It sounds totally whack on organ, but since it’s a virtually totally unknown masterpiece, it’s great to hear.

Here is the whole thing: … 7W80XLVUBO

Whew, ah made it…

tis humiliatin’ fo to lose these contests de la histoire… twas still a guess, but an educated one… :wink:

:kan: :kan: :kan: