Gunter Wand - Bruckner Symphony 8

Recorded Live at a Cathedral in Lubeck, Germany, 1987

Hamburg North German Radio Symphony Orchestra

This rec is in my top 5 Bruckner 8ths for sure, and the recorded sound is incredible.


I’ve been searching for Gunter Wand’s recordings. Have you heard of his Tchaik or Bee symphs, Chris?

I posted his complete Beethoven symphonies a while back. I can repost soon.

I wasn’t aware he recorded any Tchaikovsky.

Basically, I have lots of Wand, but only in Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert and Bruckner. He didn’t really play a whole lot else.

DAMN he recorded Brahms?

Just how gensui is his Brahms?

No need for the Beethoven, thanks Chris. I’m just asking for your opinion anyway.

respect. im trying to listen to more bruckner from different conductors since that Skrowa set that you uploaded before. i think bruckner is going to be one of those composers that i can never tell what is a decent performance or not.

I went to the concertgebouw today, royal concertgebouw orchestra with Haitink conducting Bruckner 8, it was sold out, went there for nothing lol. I’ll rip the radio broadcast if anyone wants it.

Go ahead and post it, but I’ve always been a bit disappointed with Haitink.