GY!BE Live boot, fm, and sbd concerts

I have been downloading a bunch of live concerts of Godspeed You! Black Emperor (thanks to fake for getting me hooked :laughing: ), and they are just as amazing live as they are in studio, perhaps more so. Some of this stuff is mind blowing.

I was going to upload them all to YSI and sendspace, but they are all huge files so I figured that I might as well share them the same way I got them, via torrents. Here is a package with all of the torrents, and Im going to seed them all as well.

Concerts are:

L’Olympic, Nantes (France); 05/14/03
Disc 1

  1. moheim
  2. albanian
  3. dead metheny
  4. gamelan -cut-

Disc 2

  1. gamelan -end-
  2. world police
  • encore *
  1. tazer floyd
  • encore *
  1. moya
  • encore *
  1. the dead flag blues (outro)

40 Watt, Athens, GA 03-08-03 [THIS ONE IS A VID!!]
02.Rockets Fall On Rocket Falls
03.Dead Metheny
06.World Police And Friendly Fire
07.Blaise Bailey Finnegan The Third

Sojus 7, Monheim, GER 12-17-98

02.The Dead Flag Blues
04.World Police And Friendly Fire
05.She Dreamt She Was A Bulldozer, She Dreamt She Was Alone In An Empty Field + During Downpour

Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland [FM broadcast]
April 18, 2002

1st broadcast:
1 DJ intro
2 Gathering storm
3 Dead metheny
4 World police
5 MFR (part)
6 DJ closing

2nd broadcast:
7 DJ intro
8 Sad mafioso
9 DJ closing

“De avonden” session, Amsterdam, Holland - Nov 1998

FM Broadcast, random tracks + interviews

Note: 4/5 of of these torrents are from …which means that they most probably wont work using bitlord, so youll have to use a different program

Be warned though, the vid is a bit sheeyat. Cam quality. Dark room. Not that close. Lots of heads in the way. etc. Still interesting to watch though.

welcome to the dark side :smiling_imp:

haha fuckin respec