haha Congrats to Da Genie, da new Korean Record Holder!

who trackz diz? :rectum:

english.kbs.co.kr/society/news/1 … 11773.html

Russian pianist Evgeny Kissin set a record in Korean classical music history by giving 10 encores and taking 30 curtain calls at his first concert in Korea at the Seoul Arts Center on April 8.

After the main program of the concert ended, the pianist gave 10 encores and took some 30 curtain calls.

The audience gave standing ovations so enthusiastically that the musician gave encores for one and a half hours. Even after the exceptionally long extra performance, the acclamation did not subside. The audiences cheered and cameras flashed whenever Kissin reappeared onstage with his trademark punk hairdo.


ahahah ic :question:

I would have loved to be at that concert haha

None of the mofos I’ve seen ever gave more than a triple encore, and that was only once

anyone know what the encores were? i hope this was recorded.

I’ve been to a Kissin conc in Wiesbaden once, and he alzo gave at leazt 7 or 8 encores, including longer piecez such as Chop Scherzo #1.

Actually, many people in the audience had enuff and were angry about doze who demanded mo and mo encorez :stop:

stuff them. they know where the doors are.