HAHA!! da G finally cement hiz LEGEND ztatuz

wiz a zingle perf:

:g: :g: :g: :g: :g:



but tru thiz iz wikid :g:

For some reason, in terms of La Valse…

:g: > :whale:

aahahahah mazzdebation 8)

fuuuuuuck da WIZZZARDRY

dis iz what i iz talking about…we need to get a hold of these vids, not dis youtube sheeyat quality

I have this on DVD. I’ll rip it sometime

u vil

n alzo zumday, u vil die

n i vil rejoice :pimp:

sheeyat…what collection is it from? is it commercially available anywhere? (same question for that goldberg selection in the other thread)

I assume it’s from the CBC Glenn Gould collection… does your library have all the volumes?


no just the bach series and some :brotha:

K, well at some point i’ll post these two volumes along with the Strauss and some Beethoven (109, 110 etc)

:smiling_imp: legend

Good emendations too.

wow, this is amazing.