HAHA DA WEIZMEIZTAH strikez again!!!

FUCKKKKKKKKKK da CHOPSON wuz no fluke!!!

This whole business reminds me of the concert Alexis Weissenberg gave in the dead of winter in an old concert hall here some years back (Massey
Hall, same vintage and style as the original Carnegie Hall). The place
doesn’t have air conditioning or heating and Weissenberg actually
stopped the concert at one point and said “I’m cold” and left the
stage. He came back a few minutes later and played what I always now
refer to as the Weissenberg Edition of the Liszt Sonata in B Minor –
you know, the 18 minute version with a HUGE (12 minutes?) missing in the middle. I guess the cold REALLY got to him!

Remarkably, NO ONE booed. Hey, it was fine playing … the part he
bothered with … but … I just think we can be TOO polite.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LEGENDARY!!! :comme: :doc: :ziff: :stop:

hahahhaaha FUCK

18’ Pimp son
-time regirztered