Haha Deze PIMPCOMP cunteztant 'perzonality vidz'

& da top comment mofo in diz vid…

diz :sunglasses:

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if only da :tm: PAZZED

I want to be on stage to BATTLE MEDIOCRITY
da hilite of ma career wuz when da SDC made an icon of moi
my mother told me EVERYTHING I FUCKIN KNOW
mah uzelezz talent iz my 100% ACCURATE TRANNY RADAR ability
not many people know I IZ DA LEGENDARY ZECRET PENIZT
If I would not be a muzican I wud be subsidized by a rich chineze wyf :hui:



Ahahahah DAYUM da 2nd cunteztant chick

Wut iz da age limit of diz cump again? :sunglasses:


Da TM discussing his world view of da pimpzon wud be legendary, and probably result in da lezbo dying of apoplexy.


I also envision a duel between Kennah n Lezbo on da PIMP MAZEPPA.
Da loser gets to suck ma balls.

If I was not a musician I would be out dere in Japan, scouting PORN talent at modeling auditions.

“Hey there, you did not get a call back to model KIMONOS? How about SUCKING DICK on CAM for 10x the money?

Get in the car and let’s go over da contract on da way to your DEBUT video shoot.”

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Hmm, I haff da following legit career highlights

Invited by Glenn Roven to play his shit pieces at Carnegie n rec dem on his label. (He died before da project started)

Invited to accompany da JOSÉ LIMÓN dancers in deir Mazurka project (deal fell thru, dey hires someone cheaper after agreeing to play wiz moi :dong:

Invitation to give concerts n masters classes in China (after checking da offer carefully, my net earnings looked real shit.
10,000rmb = $1500 USD n dey would not cover da flight ticket or visa fee)

And of course, playing in da 2011 pimp comp, like sheeyat.

I look forward to da next highlight of my life: Kenner’s obituary.


wut will u play ? :lib:




glad diz edition got cancelled :sunglasses: