haha random 2 year anniverzary

haha randomly mizzd it, wuz laz month

i cummah wiz da idea in may/june 2004, n announce to da world on july 2nd, tru

happy birthday SDC - Land of da SPEED and FURY!!!

2 trumofo1z haff gathad … haha :comme: :tm:

hahah repec

hahaha, happy birthday. respec.

iz my 18th in 7 days wooot.


:stop: :stop: :stop: :comme: :stop: :stop: :stop:


L’elite di velocità sounds sooooooooooooo cool :smiley:

my girlfriend has a chinese symbol for innner strength on her lower back. she is by no means a tramp or a slut. alot of girls do have a tattoo on their lower back but that doesnt mean that you have to say they are all tramps or what ever. grow up. shouldnt be making stupid remarks like that. did you ever think that maybe they think it looks nice and/or dont want to put it where everyone can see it at all times? im sure there are alot of tramp like girls who get a lower back tattoo but that doesnt mean they are all tramps if they do it.

tiz actually fo reading material when she iz in da doggy pozition


y would u need anything to read when u can pass ur time by choking her?

i keed i keed

rofl, diz totally random sheeyaat 8)



Da bolrod rnadmoly poztz again!


Da :stop: fliez!