hahah da clara shoeman dizzes pimp

Aftah pimp dedicated hiz b-minah zonata to shoeman, who was at the time in an asylum:

“hahah diz work, tiz merely noise - no genzui ideas, everythin confused, one cannot find a single, clear harmonic progrezzion - yet i muz respec him for the dedication to robert. unfohtuneatly diz iz completely sheeyat”

LCS, vol. 2, p. 317

moh b-minah hate unlegendary sheeyatz:

Brahmz fell asleep the first time da pimp played it for him
the premeir performance was 4 years after it was composed, n all tha crits completely dizzed it

i fell azleep tha firzt tym i heard it alzo. daim.

:pimp: “Rob…fuck u”

hahah da rob - brahms parallel

Haha. When I first started to listen to classixxx a few years ago, I could never listen to more than 20 seconds of it before I got bored and switched to HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY 2. LOLZ0,.RZ!!! :blush:

hahaha da maturity :lib:

tiz a legendary piece, but it takez a long :stop: to appreciate

i just realized its wickedness couple months ago. i refused to see da shrimp in concert because he played da pimp son. i nevah listened to da pimp son longah than 1 minute. da longest time i ever made was 5 mins.

it didn’t really appeal to mah earz in da initially. Howevah, right now i gradually appreciate its beauty.

:pimp: :“my son is sheeyat”.

I liked da Liszt son da 2nd time I heard it. but the first time I wuz listeing to a rec by a random pianist so maybe that is why.

-da Meph

I didn’t like it too at first, then I made myself listen through it completely once. When the coda came, I realized I didn’t want it to end and it was just… too good 8) . Since then this must be my fav piano solo piece ever.

I also realized it’s SDC factor a couple of months ago 8)

Brahms and Clara just weren’t ready fo’ dis yet

hahaha no that i think back, da firzt time i heard it played by a randum pianiez i alzo lacked appreciation

hahhaha da mofonezz of diz zonata, diz zelective about da ppl who like it :doc:

Would someone please upload this sonata? Thanks.

u iz pathetic

u shud be able to find mo dan a few recordingz in da recz zection

haha tru tiz tym to move on from BACH 8)


da shoe : thx fo da dedication but tiz juzt a bit sheeyat :laughing:
:pimp: : I azzume we can’t alwayz reach ur CARNAVAL ztandard
da shoe : :blush:


tha winnah :whale:

Schumann was rarely wrong with his criticisms but, yeh, on this one…
They both dedicated their best works to eachother (Liszt Sonata and Schumann Fantasie)
They dissed da Brahms 1 as well…who knew what critics were tinking back den!

da shoe nevah heard da zonata, i am speakin of da clara shoe.

hahahaha, da zhoe wuz rarely wrong?

he dizzed da FUCKIN :kan:


brahms 2nd was dissed too

da clara-shoe iz pizzed because da pimp wouldn’t bone her

(and she wuz being praised to be beautiful, one can truly see da authority of da critics back then)

i much rather trust da pimp’s taste