HAHAH da LIB getz propah management, at lazt

or wuz diz hiz old one 8)


diz iz da agency dat manage da SOCK, who lyk da :shrimp: , haz been playing da same prog fo ovah a yr to ovationz everywhere.

wut cud diz hold fo da fucha of da :lib:

:dong: :dong: :dong:

da girth


dey have one finnish mofo too, olli mustonen 8)

Olli Mustonen’s recording catalogue is already broad based and exceptionally distinguished. His release on Decca of Preludes by Shostakovich and Alkan received the Edison Award and Gramophone Award for the Best Instrumental Recording. With BMG he has released an album combining the Preludes and Fugues of Bach and Shostakovich, and a disc of the Diabelli Variations. In 2002 Mustonen signed a new recording contract with Ondine records. Ondine has since released 4 discs – Bach and Shostakovich Preludes and Fugues Volume 2, Mustonen plays Sibelius, play-conducting Hindemith and Sibelius with the Helsinki Festival Orchestra and conducting Mozart Violin Concerti with Tapiola Sinfonietta and Pekka Kuusisto. A new release with Ondine, featuring a selection of Prokofiev’s piano music, is planned for the 2004-2005 season.

  • I haff bad skin n greasy hair but… I haff DA handz!


hahahahaha, da OLLI randomly playz da KAN

  • "i iz da :lib: n i vil guezt star on da next apprentice fo da final tazk where each team haff to manage a clazzical concert: one vil be a random :dong: recital n one vil be mine 8) "

hahahah he have recorded foh a norwegian label gensui.

but why da fuck isn`t he in DG, EMI, Hyperion, Sony oh phillips. I mean he has certainly got da tech n da moist?

-da Meph

tech yez, moizt…debatable 8)

he is at least good enough to play for all of the big classical recod labels dun you think?

-da Meph

derez a conzpiracy by da doc

hahaha, tiz tru