HAHAH da tru 23/2 maztahclazz

ahah n tru tiz not da :gav:

in fact i wud nevah haff thought

da fuckin GAV

wud need a maztahclazz on diz clazzic 8)


diz iz fuckin tru 8)

hahah da pzychedelic background

tiz vid iz bettah wif shrooms

good lord.

perso, there is only one person for 23/2 :rectum:

Total scramble. SHOCKING.

Leave this piece for :rectum:

tiz tru

:rectum: :rectum: :rectum:

fuck that was FUCK.

the only thing that could have made that video enjoyable is if some random guy (hopefully from sdc) ran up on stage when he’s doing his fucking rocky stance afterward and sucker punched him in the nose. Hahahaha, shit would have been brilliant

ahahaha rezpec fo

juztifyin every ridiculouz sheeyat da DOC evah got from da JAKE

u pathetique lil krittah :dong: 8)

i iz wiz da zepp on diz 1 :dong:

actually dat wud be brilliant tru

moi seriously think


that’s a fucking great perf.


lol da random lack of phrasin, pulse, dynamicz, 88ism, reserve, m*zicality?

dey all bow down befo da mighty :stop: