hahah tha LIB unleazhez zum nu exahcizez

ahahaha tru 16 zheeyatz fo repeatahz written by tha TRU POZZ, pozz. 8)

or juz plow thru them all hear


:lib: :lib: :lib: :lib: :lib:

8) i c

its funny how da lib has such a distinguishing style… more rhythmically speaking than anything, almost Hungarian…

haha man, i would never learn these

like look so obnoxious and annoying to learn

I’m sure they wouldn’t be too pleasing to the ears either.

I can see Pozzoli sitting at the keyboard with his friends, hey! look what I can do!, plays a riff for 2 seconds of repeated notes and chords alternating.

And then he makes a whole etude out of it when he goes home.

Actually I’m lying because I don’t know what Pozzoli looks like.

pozz like dis :fury:

hahahahahhaa i lold at yo what tha pozz lookz like comment 8)

da Lib iz inzane…
doez he juzt randomly look fo Etudez to learn

deze zoundz kinda retarded though, i ztill lyk da Czerny 740 in termz ov rigorouz fingah exercize

caze and point
tiz etude pozz fo 34, 45, 35 thirdz on top
pozz a good predecessor fo da 25/6?
Az much az i hate him az a child learning da 88, Czerny 740 actually kickz azz

Courtezy ov da Bra:

btw, da 14th iz one ov ma fav in da zet

da Libetta azkually zuckz in da 740 zet, da Neuburger iz da bezt rec dere iz, too bad no one liked it lazt tym i pozt it

btw, tiz particular etzude remindz me of da Robbah’z compozition ztyle :zmoke: :brb: :tru:


What is people’s view on Libetta? He seems to play just about anything technically without ever breaking a sweat, but I look for other pianists to find more immediate passion. Is there something I am missing? What he does is very impressive, it’s just one wonders if he is enjoying it.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard him play anything except etudes/exercises/transcriptions.

Libetta is the greatest pianist in history and fuck you all if in advance if you think differently.

:ho: : no u


yea agree :lib: :lib:


Back when he wasn’t um err rusty as his playing has been lately to put it nice.

knar, check hiz ip to see whether itz italian 8)

german zadly


hahahaha daim dis thread

haha it might be a lib himzelf, he uzed to pozt here once or twice b4

If I were Libetta, I’d smile with satisfaction in the mirror, tease my hair out and shit, hit da club and pick up your mom.

pffff cia methods going on here

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