HAHAHA CG at comp repetorie.

A sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven (except: no. 1 in F minor op. 2/1, no. 5 in C minor op. 10/1, no. 6 in F major op. 10/2, no. 9 in E major op. 14/1, no. 10 in G major op. 14/2, no. 19 in G minor op. 49/1, no. 20 in G major op. 49/2, no. 22 in F major op. 54, no. 24 in F-sharp major op. 78, no. 30 in E major op. 109, no. 31 in A-flat major op. 110, no. 32 in C minor op. 111)

hahaha WTF i don’t even want to do the maths to see wich sonatas are left to choose.

:brotha: :brotha:

WTF no 109 or 111?

datz da rep reztriction fo round2

u haff to play one of da lazt 3 in da round1

hey zepp who’s the chick in ur avatar?

hahaha, shez juz yo type :ghey:

for a chick she does look like she would have a huge cock…

all i want to know is if it’s randomly tatiana kolesova.

no 8)

then i dont care.

daz a chick? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: