HAHAHA da DOC commentz da HATTOAX

HAHAHA tru in da zame newzpapah dat had da prog in da otha thread, dere wuz an article about da HATTO, with da DOC commentin’. I vil try to tranzlate, but I’m no profezzional 8)

Marc-André Hamelin was only half-surprised when he learned he was among the victims of one of the most incredible musical hoax. “I should’ve known”, he says, when he understands he had proof right under his nose for some time.

(I vil skip da part da explainz da hoax, since we all know about it)

…At last count, at least 100 cds by Joyce Hatto were copied. Among them, Marc-André Hamelin shared without knowing at least a dozen tracks.
When they see the number of albums made by Hatto, a relatively unknown artist, many observers think they should’ve noticed earlier, before the scandal broke out. Marc-André Hamelin had himself noticed that on the Hatto recording of the Chopin-Godowski études, there was the same error than on a Carlo Grante recording.

(here dey explain wat da hatto’s husband did)

Marc-André Hamelin, like most pirated pianists, his not mad at Hatto’s husband. After all, damages, if they exist, are minimal. “It amused me a little, how daring this guy was, he says. Of course, my eyes got wide when I learned about it. This thing shows that when we buy a recording, we absolutely trust it. The guy understood and used that.”

:doc: :doc: :doc:

yes, and now what are us duped-masses supposed to do with these fucking cds? use them as coasters? I can’t even bring myself to touch them.

I’m still bitter. :chop:

hahaha tiz lyk fuckin a hot tranny den findin out tiz a mofo

juz think of da happy blizzfully ignorant mamariez :gav:

ahhahahahahaha da comme 8)

yuck, I don’t understand how you could fuck a tranny and not know its a bloke :comme:

da alcohol :blush:

GHAHAHAH FUCK tiz geniuz continuum ov da genzui itzelf

pozz da Hatto CDz could be zend to da Africa fo lip-plate:

da sheeyatest thing iz dat hatto cds always sold ovah $25 on ebay since da hoax came out.


just WTF

Araeth 8)