hahaha da FEMALE membaz of da SDC wtf?

hahaha where iz dey? how many?

how do ve get mo?

iz it not important to haf dem?

n y cud pozzibly dere be zo few? 8)

wiz da :comme: around = babe magnet, pozzibly


da :comme: is specific in sucking and taking :dong: in da :rectum: (or




da zupah : comme , u just cant go around fuckin all the girls all the time
da :comme: : :rectum:

cofo :lib:

Ask ur mumz n wivez to join.

Maibe ve need a da slit and da lesbo iconz.

Catz, is a woman


No, i iz a womanizer.


o rly?

poco = :frowning:
comme = :blush: