hahaha da frederic chiu board

fredericchiu.com/v-web/bulletin/ … 30a8c66d51

HAHAHAHA Da Template looks familiar… :ziff: :lib: :doc: :comme: :rectum: :chop: :whale: :ho: :rudy: :dong: :kan: :brotha: :pimp: :rock: :stop: :smiley: :slight_smile: :frowning: :astonished: :open_mouth:

looks lyk da forum izznot verypopular
n who is he btw?

Juss zum azn peniz. He playz da chopetz wid 90% moiztur.

a tru masta of da prick

randomly da leader should go invite him to join da sdc…

i rasndomly haf hiz complete prick but neva extracted da rar file :dong:

he’s sorta lyk brendel wit beethoven…tis very thorough and comprehensive but it lacks the necessary FURY

still gensui at times though…your not going to find the lesser known pieces played much betta

s37.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3P3X … N9KNWFI0DF

diz rec is just beautiful.

unleashed by da chill himzelf.

he iz ztill tha only rec i haff heard of tha pimp/rozzini william tell

otha than of courze tha ziffz own arrnae,emt

da ZIFF nullifiez any rec of da pimp original, tiz truly sheeyat compared to da ziff, hahaha butg i alzo haf da GIANT CAMEL DICK which iz rezpecable

i haff just been lent da Chopin mazurka played by da Chiu. Dey iz pretty gud.

Iff anyone wantz one i can upload it.

I’m interested in it ,please upload!:o


hahaha, da rob :laughing:

fredericchiu.com/v-web/bulletin/ … .php?t=118

ahyahaha sex n’ porno in da piano section.


dis is genusi.

hahhahaha fuck! :dong:

da mazurkas commah zoon