hahaha da ZIFF ROCKY 2 VID

from da MOMLEECH





i wanna kill that fucker mombeek and get all his videos.

da :ziff: juzz gensui

-da Meph

hahahhahahHAHAHHA WTFUCK1!?!?!?!?!?

Sometimes I’ll be hunting for a video for like forever, then I’ll find out that Mombeek has a copy and suddenly I’m not interested anymore.

He taints everything he touches.

da mombeek still makes alot of money by selling da sheeyat on da internet even tho he doesn’t deserve even a penny and he shares a load of shit on dc++. members in that loser hub like him. i still cant find any shit to dl from that hub.

hahaha da kritty

foe to all, friend to none :dong:

datz da new philosophy every mofo here shud follow


tiz will make da SDC a bettah place.

Is da mombeek ‘Blauberri’ on DC+? He’s got shite loads of vids and never has an open slot :smiley: :smiling_imp:

Nah, Blauberri is this leech dude from GFF. As far as I know, mombeek always uses his real name (marcelmombeek), but I dno if that’s the case on DC++, I never use it.


i never want to check what sheeyat he shares. he has a load of vids sharing but im not sure if he ever opens any slot. da jre probably knows this well.

You may not like their sharing policy…
But, he isnt a leech…

what the hell, all these videos are now on youtube…

I PAID for these, and now someone made them worthless.

hahaha it serve you right… :doc:

I AM NOT LAUGHING :imp: :imp:

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA FUCKKKKKK :laughing: :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme: