hahaha i iz gonnah play da comme etude

any suggestionz? 8)

u vil hav more sucess sticking a broom up ur arse

i’m already very sucessfull with that 8) :comme:

wut piece is that?

:pimp: > :chop:


so i dun kno wut da comme etude is…ok…well, i soent my time practicing etudes that actually will give me technique instead of playing an “etude” that consists of high difficulty and random technical feats that in the end amounts to no new technique…


da clazzicnezz

hahahahaha, legendary

but actually i ment da COMME LE VENT etude of da :kan:

ahhhhh…the sudden clarity…never heard it tho…

dat why i told u to stick a broom up ur arse

i believe u haf da ability to learn da :chop: ocean though