HAHAHA random amacha dizcovah da MOTEL



hahahah da ‘paino’

korrectly coined da term to indicate da sufferin one would undergo fo any mere mortal attemptin da zame feat :pimp:

can superman outrun the flash?

Sure, why not?

hahaha i find it most hilarious when under da “similar vids” section you see “da DOUCHBAG explainz hiz tech approach” posted by dacomme…haha…and then other vids posted by “dafuckingmart”

dasdc invazion :smiling_imp:

nicely picked up. Rezpec da jake 8)

Superman has raced Barry Allen four times and Wally West once. Here are summaries of each race and who won.

hyperborea.org/flash/races.html :stop: :stop: :stop:

lol diz waz hactually just a simpsons quote from “Marge v the Monorail” written by Conan O’Brien. :dong: