hahahaha tha POGO chopcomp ZHITZO3 record

zince it appearz noone from that convo hath poztd thiz i vil giff it unto tha mazzez. 8)

fo tha record tha JAKE wuz in fact a big fan of htiz pozz :doc:


daim da tight pants

One of the very best performances of this piece, imo.

The entire performance is brilliantly thought out and enormously effective, but some highlights for me:

  • Dazzling left hand clarity after octaves
  • Superb control @ 2:35-2:53 and the way he comes out of that section is fantastic.
  • Super high tension in coda, esp at 6:28

hahahaha at firzt I found diz wikid but now dat I c da jake pozt I vil zay tiz ghey 8)

:mart: :zhreddah: