HAHAHAHAH prelimz ovah, rezultz cummah


hahahahahaha letz c

out of da top 6 from da US miami comp, 5 made it thru (including MT n da NA), da LEE brutha iz out.

da LIZ SHOE iz randomly out, pozzibly offending da jury wiz her 10/8

da LIMP DONG n hiz BRUTHA r both in, predicktably

da SHEN iz in


DA BALROG wuz raped by da jury, FUCK!!

pluz diz ghey mofo iz in too:

hahahaha da injuztice!!!

n randomly 20 polish mofoz made it thru 8)

haha sheeyat, da DONGAH man muszt enta da 2010 8)

I’m watching the gay mofo play right now. He is indeed gay.

Drzewiecki didnt play yet actually so i dont really know how could u listen to him … ok … it is much of an injust but hey … his mom is Szebanowa which won 2nd place in da Chop and hes mom friends are all in da jury and he comes from the most prestigious piano family in Poland … this is the fuckin truth about polish policy … but i hope the jury will think it over again and will know that they catch a huge responisibility to make their choice … so whatever … and yes … a lot of poles from the 20 arent really good maybe 5 or 6 are really good and deserve to enter … i know some as they study in my college … this is no Chop at all what they play … anyhow … c u soon ! im the correspondent here !

My bad, I was watching the gay canadian.