hahahahahah damn da sdc still exists

hahahah :dong:

I’m amazed you can still remember your password. :stop:

chrome autofill :doc:

Haha I have had to message mofos on other meanz do my own passeird

Mine is one I used from age 15 until probably 23-24, so I never forget it.
For every other sheeyat it is fucking hard to remember those mofos.

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What up dude!!!


hahaha daim deze reappearancez



Haha da oldtime legends!

Welcome back TM!



For once he was right tho, I haven’t seen this jredmond dude while I’ve been here.

damn right I was right.

Da redmond dedickated a piece to moi tru :blush:

None of these cameo reappearances have lasted more than a couple of posts.
:comme: :zhreddah: :wood:

:lib: ?

Assuming he’s alive, I’d love to see da Robbah back here.
Love that mofo. :blush:

in some cases I’m frankly glad about that. zhreddah for instance earned a place in my blocklist after just a few posts.

Tru? What did he do?

Not a fan of your countryman?
Good thing Mikey and I get along well :dong:

:zhreddah: is a mongolian??