hahha, tiz official now, FUCK gotta practice

…in ordah to battle da lezbo

steinwaythebayarea.com/bios/ … rt_06.html

hahaha fuck!


let c if u can fuck her (othawhize da JIE CHIENE vil )

hahah you c

i randomly saw da Dedick real life.

to put it simply,

dat pic iz as deceptive as commez pic on hotornot :comme: :comme:

inztant clazzic 8)

whoa, iz jie chen a dyke?

tru 8)

hahahaha pozt sum hot proof 8) :comme:

hahahahahahhaahahhaha :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme:

randomly, dat small child scares me.

good luck with that hung sung, take out ur big dongah and unleash da fury
:doc: :stop:

HAHAHAHA da random Little gensui

“Besides the piano, David also plays the violoncello and enjoys composing music. He loves reading, mathematics, exercising, playing badminton, skiing and surfing. He is also trilingual: reading, writing and speaking fluently in English, Japanese and Chinese.”

Bill gates + Limp Dong = David Ko

:dong: :dong: [/list]


hahahah da Nippo-Sino HARRY POTTAH.

Hahaha… cute.

i vill make sure to fuckup dat cute face