da t25 write a random prayah :blush:

Dearest VISA who art in convenience
Hollowed be your card
When repossession calls start
It’s time to depart
Our best times should have been our last
Give us this day, the appeal for bankruptcy
and forgive us for our past
as we forgive those who aroused impulsive buying within us
lead us not into comission-based retail, and deliver us from sales associates
now, as in the hour of our credit check
for a world without debt


myspace.com/t25s6 - tru take notice da legendary friendz lizt 8)


hAhHah randomly da decizion haff been made dat u iz mofo enough fo da ZAFE HOUZE zection of da UNDAHGROUND tru. even though u clearly dun meet da zuggezted requirementz, yo acceptance iz zolely…political 8)


thanks broda!!!

hAhAh randomly dun thank moi, tiz all due to yo connection to da LEGENDARY i m robot 8)

hahahah…iz u friends?

hahahahaha a bit wikid. randomly a mastahcard usah. amex iz barely accepted anywhere.

hhAhAHhahA…no 8)

da i m robot (fo those who dun know/ appreciate) iz one of da forefathahz of CG. hiz phaze beginnah hiz 88-forum univerzity education at da CHOPINFILEZ college, where he graduate wiz diztinct honahz. he alzo haff given maztahclazzez at da pianoforum, howevah, diz wuz only fo a zhort period of randomnezz. da i m robot den, when da CHOPINFILEZ college randomly loze fundin, join da SDC to purzue hiz maztahz degree in zuicidal CG. one day, da mofo juzt dizappeared, n in a short :stop: da ROPZTA vuz born 8)

hey ropsta was on chopinfiles too. derez im robot with hiz “Self iz self” sheeyat and ropsta with hiz “worship moi”. more perplexing dan da virt/winterwind revelation.

n den dere’z da trumofo/mkaykov saga dat iz juzt TOO legendary fo wordz 8)



WORSHIP MOI!!! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

ahahahaha i clearly remembah hiz maztahz theziz on da 10/1 tru. 8)

da theziz fo da maztahz degree in zuicidal cg


acidplanet.com/components/em … d=1&t=7002


fukk right now i juzt really wanna hear a :doc: complete :chop: n :pimp: etz

wtf? he could ztizfactorily rec al thiz zheeyat in about n hour

haha i kno…y dpesnt he???

wut a fukin douchebag…

hahaha, no

wutz da point in a ‘zatizfactory’ rec, da DOC haf da reputation of da BEZ TECH EVA, n if he dun provide diz he wont rec.

da DOC juz feelz zafah in lezz competitive rep, in dun nezezzarily mean hiz tech iz inferior, tiz juz a tactic to maintain hiz image. :doc:

ahahahaha if he only take an hour den it vil fo zhor be A BIT MO DEN zatizfactory 8)

:doc: :stop: