Hamelin headbanging to Alkan

Anybody who has seen the video of Hamelin playing the 3rd movemetn of Alkan’s concerto for solo piano will notice the extreme pecking-chicken-like motion Hamelin activates during the recapitulation of the main theme… perhaps Hamelin was imitating Lang Lang? This is added Hamelin’s list of predefined emotions… (similar to the demonic grin he activates in Scriabin’s 5th sonata)


aftah tha CHOP sheeyat/scandalouz decizionz etc., one realizez how BLESSD tha doc iz to be able to do whutevea tha FUCK he wnatz n not be told how to act play by random senior citizen mofoz who dun know sheeyat about what people want to hear.

Dat’s about da best video I have ever seen.

I was surprized he plays the last black key run as a glissando.

His Dover Edition has it fingered.

yeah, but why would you play it like that? it’s so much easier glissing black key pentatonic scale shiznitz

You’re right. I could gliss it, or finger the notes.

But that would be rather pointless, considering I can’t play any other part of this song.