hamelin next rec morton feldman??


I consider Morton Feldman sort of a musical fraud and a person that should best be remembered for raping his students…

am I missing something??

Isn’t this the mofo who independently invented total serialism (pozz even earlier than Boulez)?
Can’t say I know anything about him or his music apart feom that.

can’t be worze den


And da DOC will even memorize dat sheeyat

I bet it’s one of those sheeyats that he learns just for the recording session then forgets. :doc:


I have a tannhauser vid that says otherwise :dong:

Hahaha 8)

“If I don’t collapse, it’s alright” :ho:

Hamelin says its one of the most transforming experiences hes had. Ill, probably get it as I have almost every other of his recordings, but doubt Ill listen all the way through unless I’m nodding off. Maybe he lost a bet or something…


Did you see da DOC poker face when playing even da hardest sheeyat?

He would never make a bet that he won’t win 8)

The doc definitely knows better than me! – – – Just wished he used his non-commercial records for some cooler current rep than Feldman’s ambient noodling…

I’d rather he record Boulez or Cage or Stockhausen.

Really? Care to share?

I’ll upload the whole recital to youtube but leave the link as unlisted because I don’t know if da doc would want it out there.
The Tannhauser was surprisingly messy and he even had a slight memo slip at the end.
It was obviously a new piece that he was just trying out.

Doc played tannhoser ? His rep list should just be a liszt of pieces he didn’t play ; )

PM me for the link.

Godowsky Passacaglia
Alkan - Beethoven PC3 movement 1
Balakirev - Romance from Chopin PC 1
Liszt - Tannhauser Overture

Having rewatched it, it wasn’t a memory lapse.
He just screwed up then replayed the measure.

Holy shit!! Doc is amazing.

Da DOC private rectal!!! 8)

Did they make shirts for the event!!!.. this is some hardcore piano porn up there with his yedidia sonata vid

Hamelin was really amazing back in the 90s. A distinct and original voice at the piano, fiercely intelligent, and of course equipped with one of the most remarkable mechanisms in history. Plus, he was playing GUD sheyat no one else did - or could.

In case it’s unknown, this video was shot in Patrych Sound Studios in NYC, which is owned by a friend and early champion of MAH’s. Marc never had much luck getting a career started there otherwise until considerably later, part of which is a pretty fun story in its own right actually (I’m thinking about his infamous Barcarolle if someone else feels like telling the tale).