Hamelin's Liszt Sonata

Its up on BBC lunchtime’s site with a newer etude of his I haven’t heard. Has he stopped practicing? The playing well… listen for yourself


tru if u didn tell moi i pozz wud haff guezzd:

:comme: on a gud day 8)

It wasnt bad. I actually liked many parts of it.

I didn’t. It was hard to hear the notes a lot of the time.

Tons of mistakes (in the worst possible places), terrible phrasing, and really sloppy / loose rhythm. There are about a dozen pianists on this forum who could play it better. These are the sorts of mistakes my teacher chirps me about in my lessons. Just shocking stuff.


let diz one zlide 8)

ahahahaha i juz had tym to lizten to hear zum hintonette announcin it n then had to go to zumthin elze

i vil lizten latah pozz :doc:

For some reason i’m really getting sick of Hamelin’s rhythm. He ALWAYS uses the same kind of rubato, this speedupspeedupspeedupSPEEDUP halt… TADAAAA-ish rhythm. Every.damn.time.

Maybe if I stop listening to him for a while and then come back to him i’ll relike him a bit more :doc:

hmm… so many wrong notes in the liszt sonata :frowning:

And I thought he’s one of the greatest living virtuosos; must have had an off day surely

His rap2 cadenza is still one of the best I’ve heard :slight_smile:

ahahaha aftah liztenin to it again i iz randomly reminded of da zupahvirt

chopet demoz


Im not too keen on this broadcast, yet hearing it live was exhilarating.

Its the same performance as we heard live, yet for some reason it seems completely different. I guess he was performing for the concert hall, not for the broadcast. I wish I could go ot that concert again.

surprising that it makes such a huge difference whether you listen to it live or on the radio :confused:

naturally, it always is a totally different experience listening live v. recording

of course, but I guess it does not happen very often that one considers the same performance superb when one listens to it live, but rather mediocre when one listens to it on the radio; but perhaps there are such performances which can only really be enjoyed “live”, eg because they are too idiosyncratic to bear repeated listening or whatever

is it still up?

doesn’t show on the website anymore, and i’d like to hear this

i can upload it. i captured it and converted it to mp3. ill post it in the recs section soon.

randomly i havent even listened to it yet, but will check it out soon.


do you study at the RSAMD?