handz size

Question fo youz peoplez: how important doez evryone think hand size iz?

Pianists wid small hands: de Larrocha, Godowsky, Hofmann, Ogdon (?),

i think Argerich haz smallish hands (she can just reach a minor 10th)

What bout Horowitz n Gould? How big were der handz?

Pianists wid dem big claws: Rachmaninoff, Richter, Liszt, Arrau, Cziffra, Hamelin

letz here some thoughtz!

vlad could just grab a 10th comfortably.

i can just reach a 10th, but my hand is still growing. imo it’s the best size that’s not huge and not small, octaves go perfectly and stuff

like hofmann said, it’s how broad ur hand is that counts, and this is quite tru.
DSC00595 (WinCE).JPG

hahahaha respec da glowing sheeyat

i agree; howeva, der iz timez when i want larger handz even tho’ i can grab most 10ths (like C to E or C to E-flat, but not D to F-sharp).

a good example: because i iz lazy, i has changed da fingerings for my handz in chopin etude 10/1.


i could practice it wid normal fingerings (ex1: 5421 5421 etc.; ex2: 1245 […] 1245421 5421 etc.), but i’d take ages to develop the necess’ry speed and force

chopin 10/1 is one of the best examples of this, tho’. in most pieces der izin’t these probs.

It’s just wrong to change fingers like that, the point is to use ur wrist and forearm like a mofo to be able to play it with the original fingers. Anyone could play it with fingerings like that, it has no real use in its context.

Don’t be a pussy, and take ur time to learn it, otherwise ur just not worthy of this etude.

me’z playd da chopet 10/1
me can reach da zame, C-E but not D-F#
me’d zay y00r fingering iz way harder den da orig

me’z alzo heard da pimp didn’t haff big handz
neither did da chop

:rectum: :stop:

hahaha, alzo da keyboardz were zmallah back den

fo example a mofo hu can do a 10th on a modahn 88, cud play a 12th on a chop 88, pozzibly :chop:

that’s also true, and also is the reason why a lot of beethoven’s music is just a pain in the ass

i jus played 10/1 den, and i think i’ll learn both wayz:

i like mah fingering (itz easy once u get used to it), but it iz an etude and i should study the original fingering. dat way, i get de benefit of doing it both wayz


hand size is important…most of mah friends can’t reach da beginning chords, and I laugh

da 1-5 stretch is not as important as the 1-3 stretch

da 1-5 stretch is not as important as the 1-3 stretch

since da hand group are group as 12 and 345.

Yeah, tis important. My 1-3 can reach approximately 95% of my 1-5, which is D to F#. tru