Happy 120th Bday to da Ho

Happy Bday

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Did she bring her dogbed?

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Horowitz up in heaven: “what the fuck is this”

Liszt: “yeah, that’s what I said when I heard your 1946 Liszt Sonata with cuts”

Horowitz: “spank me, daddy!”

Liszt: “bro, we are up in heaven, there is no sodomy, just 72 Catholic choirboys and guilt-free procreative sex with no genitals… just hail mary’s”

Down on earth:
Flowah: damn, why does my bum itch?

Down in hell:
Kennah. Aaaaa aaaaaa it fucking burns!

TM: bro, shut the fuck up! You are drowning out Suzu’s screams. Can’t even jerk it in peace over here. It’s really not that bad.

obvious answer: Connie did her with a strapon

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:ho: gosh, Wanda has had an upgrade!


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Y’all got no rezpekt fo greatness!

Plot twist: which Ho?

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tru, pozz she 120. Let’s check wiki :sunglasses:

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Other sources more helpful in this case.

Definitely >120


I c

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I guess I’m an A-cup


Poon is wutever cums below an A cup.

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Dis thread magnificently derailed as befits sdc tradition.

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p for :plate_with_cutlery: ?

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