Happy B-day to da ... lezbo :lezbo:

Rezpek diz mofo’s enthusiasm and pimp scholarshit

n not forgetting his legit FURY

sadly not evidenced at da 88


Woh I didn’t know this. Improves my perception of him.

da LEZBO teacheth da moizt :sunglasses:

The lazar berman look

…without the tech. :sunglasses:

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nice curvez

on da back :sunglasses:

It’s his fucking birthday, gotta go easy on his ass (no ghey shit) for one day at least!


Randomly, in terms of mechanics, the tech is more than sufficient to actually handle Da rep etc. it’s da basic ass interpz and sumwhut unimaginative tonal command dat make Da perfs

More den a bit unremarkable


… is there any other penists in Da Guinness World Records aside from him and da legendary @extrememofo

Ahahaha da LEZBO"IMPRO"

Holy shit, we’re gonna roast his ass on his birthday


SDC dun fuck around.

I was waiting for him to switch register or something.


I wuz waiting for da obligatory parasheeyat arpz orgy :sunglasses:

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Me too. Or sum octs.

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Lez each make a mini LEZBO tribute :sunglasses:


Lesbo tribute.

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Ok, I think that’s enough before we get too cruel.

Rezpek Da Lesbo :pimp: scholarship. A scholarly mofo actually giving Liszt Da Rezpek he deserves is GENSUI


Haha da feztin lezbo tribute cummah shortly… you’ll have to wait ten mins due to my crap upload zpeed :wim:

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My internet super :snail:

Happy bday lezbo :birthday:

Inztant pararapeimprosheeyat


Hahahahah REZPEC da :tm: zoulful mef2 ticklah n da FEZTIN immerzive LEZBO experience wiz a bait n zwitch TOT endin entry :sunglasses:

alzo juz

da SDC zervah harzhly :snail: :sunglasses:

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